Friday, June 28, 2013

Morning Blessings

Good Morning, Fans!  I am picking up some supplies tomorrow to bake bread with my daughters this weekend, and Ashlee Anne is coming over to clean all day. She is shampooing my carpets. The car wreck is still poking at me, but I will one day be healed through Jesus Christ' stripes. The Bible promises this. All I need is the faith of  a mustard seed.
   Do you sometimes doubt, second-guessing God? We all do from time to time, but if we replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, our minds can be refocused on believing that we can conquer the problem at hand. I've done this, time and time again, and it change my whole day.
   Prayer is essential. Prayer Warriors change lives as God works through them. Some of the strongest Christian sisters that I know spend a lot of time on their knees. You've seen them on social media, they are always lifting everyone else up. What would the world be like if a teenager group of cowgirls thought they could transform each community that they go compete in?  That's a lot of praying, isn't it?
   Cowgirls for Jesus is my new series, and it will be written as I travel, following my son, Jason Taylor, on the rodeo circuit. He competes in rodeos. While I pray. And I pray hard. Now, if he was roping cattle, I admit, which he has done for years, I wouldn't have been praying as much since that's almost natural in farm settings.
   The big question is, why would I have been praying less? The Bible says to pray without ceasing. There are several teachings that say that mothers should pray over their children. In this case, I have failed as a parent.
   The good thing is that today is a new day, and I can become a better parent. We can all learn from the past and strengthen our faith, love, and courage. I'm sure I'll be stronger one rodeo at a time. Come along with me for the ride! I will be keeping a journal, entitled  "Rodeo Prayers."



"The best place to find God is down on the floor."

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I know that you've heard the saying, "All good things must come to an end." Well, that is how it is with my very popular  short-story serial, Amish Blizzards. The last volume will be out next weekend. As I look back on the previous volumes, I reflect on how the "cowboy" is always so enticing in many romance stories. He is intriguing, rough, and resilient.
   When he is a Christian, it makes him even more of a man, in my opinion, mainly, because faith and courage is hard during extreme hardships, especially for farmers. One would think that I love to write about the Amish and Mennonites because of this strong bond of family, the land, and faith, and that would be partly true.
   You seem, my "second parents," since I was around twenty-one-years-old, are conservative Mennonites, and I learned how to drive next to the church/school, and I spent a summer living next to the church/school. "Write about what you know" is another very common saying, and most people do write about what they know.
   I would be fibbing, for sure, if I said that I began writing because I wanted to solely write about what I know. Of course, part of the reason that I told my Chas Levy supervisor that I would write a book in the book section in K-Mart, where we we were stocking the weekly shipment, was because I enjoyed telling about my "second parents" and how I felt more connected to God when I was there. It is this "connection" that I set out to show fans. I felt like I have done that very well in Amish Blizzards, but I have also done a good job of providing a need: comfort.
   Books provide comfort. I saw if first hand when I was a book merchandiser. The mother that had just came from the doctor's office where she found out that she has terminal cancer needed a good romance book. The teen that decided to keep her baby wanted a book with a real teen like her who had made mistakes. And the man whose wife was on oxygen and only had an hour a day where she would sit in her chair and he would read her love stories. That was the main reason that I chose to write.
   Books inspire, they make people laugh, cry, and even scream sometimes, and all of these emotions help people feel comfort that they are still worthy, even with their flaws, all because there is a God of Angel Armies Who strengthens, molds, and fixes boo-boos in the least expectant ways.
   I hope that you will pick up all eight volumes of Amish Blizzards and eagerly wait for the last one, An Amish Wedding,  which comes out next weekend and feel more connected to God.  Pick up the first volume on Amazon at: Amish Blizzards: Volume Eight: Abby's Choice.

Blessings in Jesus' Arms,


"I can do climb all mountains if Christ carries me."