Thursday, February 21, 2013


I have been busy with family and am writing the next books to the Amish Blizzards and Amish Snowflakes series this week. The next book to the Single in Indiana series comes out next week. How has your February been going? Lots to do around my place. I am still facing chronic pain from the car wreck, so have missed church, but I have enjoyed church at my place. I have started a Bible Study page on Facebook. Please do join. This morning, I led the discussion from Psalms 1. Please note that I am a conservative Christian who has spent over two decades having a "second" family of conservative Mennonites. Although Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Arvin are not my biological family, they became like second parents to me more than two decades ago,and my foster children have grown up calling them, "Aunt Dorothy" and "Uncle Arvin." They are NOT Beachy Mennonite. They are conservative Mennonite and have no sister communities that are Beachy. Although I am more liberal, at times, I share a lot of the same beliefs about believing in Christ as our Savior, etc. Plans for the future: to enjoy being a "grandma" again, as Jessica, one of my foster children, is expecting her first child, to attend Dorothy and Arvin's church more often, and to eventually go back through instruction class. You have to go through instruction class to join the church. I once went to instruction class in another Mennonite community, but decided not to join. That was when my children were little. I hope that you have an awesome week. March is almost here!! Although I can't work in the garden because of the car wreck injuries, I hope to enjoy some good salads from an early garden.

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