Monday, July 11, 2011

A Concert and Lunch at Mojitos Tapas

   Last week was a work-packed week of writing, editing, doing sales calls, and arranging health inspections; however, I was able to cap the extra busy week off with a wonderful lunch at Mojitos Tapas, one of Louisville's hottest restaurants.  What are Tapas?  Unless you have been to Madrid, you might be curious to what they are and where they originated.  Tapas are small dishes of entrees.  I like to share food with my family and friends, so we all get accustomed to different textures, blends, and tastes, so Tapas are perfect for me.  And they are perfect for entertaining that business client. 
   Tapas originated in Medieval Spain, and the robust idea of enjoying lots of 'little' entrees has span across the Atlantic to Louisville, Kentucky, where General Manager Marcos Lorenzo and Chef Pedro Hernandez are the owners.  They also run the very popular,  Havana Rumba Cuban Restaurant. 

I had the guacamole with plantain chips as a starter.  The fresh, creamy flavor of the homemade guacamole really complemented the plantain chips.  Unlike tortilla chips, the plantain chips offered a bit more crunch, followed by a sweet taste.  For my entree, I chose one of the daily specials, the Grilled White Fish with cilantro, parsley, garlic and spice rub, served with rice, black bean, and fried plantains.  The fish was perfect- flaky, moist, with infused juices and spices.  The rice was tender and tasty.  The fried plantains were outrageously delicious.  I have never eaten a better meal than at this restaurant.  They have this lunch special every weekday for lunch.  Please, do go try them out. 

IF YOU GO:  Mojitos Tapas is located off Brownsboro Road in the Holiday Manor Shopping Center, next to Kroger.  Their website is:  They can be reached at 1-(502)-425-0949. 

And to wrap the week up, we had a concert at church on Saturday.  David Pitt, who sings Contemporary Christian was there, and Deanna got her CD signed by him.  WE had to hunt down a Sharpie ink pen, and I, being an author, had always thought they were plentiful.  We ended up getting one from Jana, although it was purple, it did just fine.  Deanna said it smelled like grapes.  We got one fo his CDs, and his new CD will be out soon.  We had a potluck of spaghetti, garlic bread, fresh salad with zuchinni and early squash,  and carmel cake.  Therefore, the week turned out just fine. 

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