Sunday, July 31, 2011

My First Novel

 Other than,, and,   I had thought that the first novel that I wrote, under another name, was out of print,  totally.  However,  Joseph Beth Booksellers kept the book stocked.  Although I loved writing my first novel, there were things, like using the correct format ( NOT Windows 98), that made a book go straight to pre-flight with no typos or changes, like changing a comma to a period.  After all of the ridicule during those years, I stood strong and learned from my mistakes.  And that is what I believe separates achievers and super-achievers...the perseverance.  If those typos hadn't been there, then a whole group of cult members, in Arizona, would not have found Christ and gotten saved.  It is directions like these that we may never know, until later, that is, why things occur.  I wouldn't  trade anything for that 'Leaving Lancaster County' novel, now, because it changed the path for a whole group of teenagers.
    And I hope my blogging changes your path too, if even in little ways, like getting you out of the house and into that cozy plush bath robe at Calo Spa, in beautiful bustling Louisville, Kentucky.  Or perhaps you and your family can sneak off  to  a weekend   visit to some of the destinations that I feature, here on this blog.  Enriching lives is why I entered nursing school, many years ago, and I still have that in my blood.  Please enjoy the photo of an eager customer, visiting The Bluegrass from Georgia, who was fixing to purchase the last copy of 'Leaving Lancaster County', and truly remember one thing....there is a reason for everything, so please come back and learn about healing yourself through pampering and relaxation for my 'Spa Month', of August.  This week, I will visit Calo Spa and talk with Carrie about how they are providing an exceptional getaway for both women and men in Louisville, Kentucky.

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