Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sweet CeCe's: Frozen Yogurt To Die For

   Like frozen yogurt?  Adventurous side to you?  And do you like strolling down historic Bardstown Road in Derby City, hand-in-hand with your hero ( again, being a romance author, I have to add some spice) or children?  And what about your mother?  When was the last time you promised to take her out to get a yogurt?  Probably not often, as selections are quite slim.  However,  a lady from the Nashville area has set out to change things- for the better for the   Louisville locals and regular tourists, and the timing couldn't have been better- a ninety-five degree day, factoring in the heat humidity. 
   Bill and Betsy Scanlan  feel in love with the Nashville-based Sweet CeCe's because of the tasty iced treat and vast variation.  Looking to move from a career in real estate to the food business wasn't new to Betsy's husband, Bill, for  he had been in the restaurant business for twenty years and vowed not to go back into it.  However, when opportunity hit, they searched for a good location to relocate and  to serve the locals a high-quality yogurt at a very good price.  After searching down the East Coast, they finally chose Kentucky, and The Scanlans are glad that they did, for the shop's quaintness, even at 7:00 PM, their busiest time,  and their closeness to the shop- they live right down the street, has offered them a great new career start with lots of perks.
   They offer, both the  regular and  the no-sugar-added frozen yogurt, and unlike most mediocre shops, you serve yourself from the yogurt wall, then top with cereals, fresh-cut fruit, or gummy bears, for the young at heart.   And what I liked most about the shop, was that you can combine any of the flavors and fill your cup as high as it will go...come on, you creative block builders, lets see how much Sweet Southern Velvet, Cupcake Batter,  and Cheesecake Bliss that you can pack in one of their bowls...but don't forget about the gummy bears!  OK, for those of you who are guessing, I did not have the gummy bears, but I will next time.  I had the Sweet Southern Velvet, which really did have the taste and smoothness of the cake, Cupcake Batter, which I could have eaten a whole container of, and Peach Tree Tart, which tasted like my Amish peaches that I sell every summer at my Tractor Supply produce stand.  And I topped it all off with fresh-cut strawberries, kiwis and whipped cream.  Have I got your mouth watering?  Head on down to Sweet CeCe's...the weathermen  are predicting another hot day tomorrow...

IF YOU GO:  Sweet CeCe's is located at 1501 Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky.  They can be reached via telephone at (502)-458-2322.  And you can like them on Facebook at Sweet CeCe's.

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